These Are 10 Powerful Things Bard Can Do That ChatGPT Can’t – Yet

Soon after OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, it became an instant internet sensation. However, Google has now introduced Bard, a chatbot powered by AI. Despite this, there are significant distinctions between ChatGPT and Bard.

Bard and ChatGPT are both chatbots that use AI to generate responses, but Bard has unique capabilities that make it stand out. Designed specifically for writers, journalists, and content creators, Bard is a text editor that provides a multitude of advanced features to enhance the writing experience. These include access to the internet for research, support for plugins, code editing capabilities, image recognition and search, collaboration tools, and SEO optimization features. With the objective of offering writers a comprehensive solution for all their writing requirements, from generating ideas to publishing content, Bard focuses on usability and functionality. As a result, it is a top choice for anyone seeking to streamline their writing process and produce high-quality content more efficiently.

While ChatGPT is an impressive language model, there are several things Bard can do that ChatGPT cannot.

  1. Internet Access: Bard provides full access to the internet, enabling writers to research and browse content as they write.
  2. Plugins: Bard supports plugins, allowing users to customize their writing environment with various features and tools.
  3. Coding: Bard allows users to write and edit code directly within the editor, making it an ideal choice for programmers and web developers.
  4. Image Responses: Bard can recognize and respond to images, making it possible to include visual cues and prompts in your writing.
  5. Image Search: Bard offers image search capabilities, allowing users to find and insert images directly into their documents.
  6. Export and Collaboration: Bard makes it easy to export and share documents with others, as well as collaborate in real-time with colleagues and clients.
  7. Website/Article Summary: Bard can generate a summary of websites or articles, making it easier to quickly understand and absorb information.
  8. Multiple Drafts: Bard allows users to create and save multiple drafts of their work, making it easy to experiment with different approaches and ideas.
  9. Voice Prompting: Bard can use voice recognition technology to prompt users with suggestions and ideas as they write.
  10. SEO Companion: Bard provides a range of tools to help writers optimize their content for search engines, including keyword research and optimization recommendations.

To sum up, although ChatGPT is a formidable language model with the ability to produce natural language responses, Bard provides a suite of features and capabilities that are customized to meet the requirements of writers and content creators. With its advanced research and editing tools, real-time collaboration capabilities, and SEO optimization features, Bard presents a comprehensive solution for writers who aim to enhance their writing skills. By utilizing Bard, writers can elevate their craft to new heights.

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