These Amazing Pictures Of Russia’s Futuristic Tram Will Blow You Away

Russian One Tram21

Much of the world is focused on energy-efficient modes of transportation to counter the increasing threat of changing environment. We may have the Teslas and the Nissans on the road, but it is universally accepted that the best energy-conscious way of traveling is by mass-transportation on buses and trains. Engineers are experimenting with new concepts of trains including the hydrogen powered trams, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Capsule Transport System and many others. This Russian tram concept has also stolen the show in recent days, although it is just because of its futuristic look rather than energy-efficient locomotion.

Here are some of the amazing pictures of the tram with some detailed explanation:

The Russian One, as they call it, is covered in smooth glass panels.

Russian One Tram14

The lead engineer Alexei Maslov with the tram.

Russian One Tram20

The spacious, well-lit interior of the train.

Russian One Tram19

The overhead LED lighting’s brightness is ket bright during the morning and dims in the night. Just like people prefer it!

Russian One Tram18

It has handrails made out of wood, aluminium poles and linoleum floors.

Russian One Tram17

The spacious sofas rather than awkward seats will make the journey comfortable and spacious enough unless you are the ones standing!

Russian One Tram16

The felt covering the seats gives pristine comfort.

Russian One Tram15

It is entirely electric and can run for 50 miles before being charged. It means it can make a round trip around a major city before recharging which is good enough.

Russian One Tram14

The external LED lights can also change the color.

Russian One Tram13

Integrated cameras give uninterrupted feed to the driver’s cabin. He needs to make decisions by seeing what is going around in the train.

Russian One Tram12

It is entirely designed and manufactured by UralVagonZavod, a Russian design company.

Russian One Tram11

The ceiling vents for air conditioners have an additional function as speakers.

Russian One Tram9

It was such an amazing ride that this driver didn’t want to leave the train’s cabin after his trip was over. Show-offs!

Russian One Tram8

The driver’s 180-degree view gives him the awareness of the surroundings and decreases what they call the “dead zone” where drivers can’t see and result in deaths.

Russian One Tram7

The driver’s seat appears more like an expensive gaming chair.

Russian One Tram6

The driver’s dashboard has a set of minimal controls and a handy USB 3.0 terminal for charging their phones.

Russian One Tram5

The sliding doors are controlled by a touchscreen.

Russian One Tram4

From above, it looks nothing like your average tram. It looks more like a monorail from a sci-fi movie.

Russian One Tram2

Yekaterinburg, Omsk, and Moscow city administrations are interested in purchasing these trams to run on selected routes. Would be one helluva ride, won’t it?

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