5 Robots That Are Changing Agriculture Forever

agriculture robots

By the year 2050, the world population is expected to rise to an extreme 9 billion. With this increase, there will be a devastating increase in the agricultural needs and demands. To cover up these needs fast, farmers are turning their attention toward robots. From planting to growing to collecting, all functions are being taken over by agricultural robots.


First in the list of robots currently in use is the Ecorobotix. This solar-powered robot is exceptionally lightweight and has a GPS navigation system. This robot uses complex camera systems to find and spray weeds growing in between plants. This autonomous drone can precisely target the weed, reducing the use of herbicide by 90%.

Naio Technologies

They have quite a fleet of environment-friendly robots that protect and preserve the farm. These robots can not only assist in harvesting, but also hoe and weed. The company states: “We want to provide all participants in the agriculture process with access to the latest technology, to help grow healthier, more abundant and environmentally friendly crops.”

Energid Citrus Picking System

This is a perfect system for citrus fruit business. It can pick a fruit every 2 to 3 seconds. The robot is not only cheap to build and but very efficient too.

Agrobot E-Series

This is an ideal robot for the future of strawberry fields. This twenty-four armed, wireless, advanced AI system even though cannot collect the strawberries but can tell if they are ripe enough or not.

Blue River LettuceBot2

It is a perfect tool for lettuce crops. This robotic machine is used to image and thin out lettuce fields and prevent the weed from growing.


This company has come with a drone that costs very less and can get data of the field for the farmer. Built-in cameras and infrared sensors can also analyze plants health while in the air.

Vision Robotics

This company is known in the market as the best products company. It has been working on agricultural robots for seven years. This company has produced AI controlled robots which can image and thin vines and lettuces.


RoBoPlant has several fully and semi-automated machinery which can, with the help of AI, separate and plant seedlings individually in optimal patterns.


This drone can do almost everything a farmer needs to get done. It hosts many features controlled by AI and paired with multispectral, hyperspectral and LiDar technology.

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