These Advanced Sports Socks Protect Feet Better Than Most Shoes

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Many of us still prefer to run barefoot rather than the latest Nikes or Pumas. If there hadn’t been the difficult terrain, pungent smell, and affected feet, many people would prefer to run and exercise barefoot. But since it is not so, we should wear shoes while doing so. This news set of socks from the Swiss company FYF gives us an alternative way to experience barefoot exercise. Their new pair of socks can be a standalone use for all the extreme sports of your choice like hiking, surfing, diving, football, running or any other sport. Now you don’t have to own shoes for every different activity and save lots money while experiencing protecting your feet better than shoes.

free your feet shoes

But how can someone claim that socks can do all these hard events when they have hardly any mechanisms? FYF claims that the secret fiber being used in the main reason it can be used for all these activities. It is primarily composed of 46.5 % Dyneema which is the supposed to be the sturdiest fiber on Earth according to a claim by the company. It is a unique polymer named Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene and is considered to be 15 times stronger than Steel itself so you should have no qualms about its wear and tear. Other amazing qualities include hydrophobic behavior so that it doesn’t get wet with exposure to water at all. Then there is incredible light-weight mass and extremely springy nature to stress.

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In fact, making it appears like the person is barefoot and thus shoes don’t have to be an unnatural piece of clothing anymore. I like this idea from FYF and hope that they actually mean it when I get my hands on a pair. Small groves on the surface of the fabric provide some grip for the user while doing sports like football, but I doubt it will have the same effect as spikes or grippers used in professional sports. It is more for the use of common man and his gear requirements rather than a professional one. The toes of the FYF product are shaped like toe socks to provide the grip and feel that is missing from normal socks. When people are wearing them and doing sports like rock climbing, they need to be able to feel the ground underneath.

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These socks look like they are a fantastic solution to our footwear problems, and that’s why the Kickstarter campaign is doing really good. They set a goal of 10,000 $ and have since raised more than 280,000 $, and it sure seems certain they will reach production. The campaign is still going on, and you can book it for a reasonable 50 $. Considering the usefulness of these socks, I am amazed why they haven’t gone into millions of dollars like the Bau Bax jacket? These socks are no less than that, and I feel people will appreciate it more once it is out on retail. I am looking forward to these!

Here is the amazing pitch video from FYF.

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    With an ice pack for heel spurs, you just pop it back in the freezer when you are done and carry on with your everyday life.
    <. If it's not orthotics that works, then it's a knee brace.

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