These 7 Russian Inventions Helped Shape Up The Modern World

These 7 Russian Inventions Helped In Shaping Up The Modern World

Russia has always remained relevant to the world because of the country’s rich, diverse, and even complicated history. Russian inventions have always stood out. Russian people are proud of their culture and can be best described as resourceful. Russia has contributed towards space travel, farming, physics, and transportation among a list that contains many.

We have put together a list of Russian inventions that have managed to change the modern world. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

The Helicopter

It is perhaps best to ‘take-off’ the list of Russian inventions with the invention of the helicopter. It was Russian inventor Igor Sikorsky who came up with the idea of a helicopter. The year was 1910, and our Russian inventor had created a rotor-driven device. It was a prototype of course. However, Sikorsky was able to get his invention off the ground in the same year as well. He went on to create the first multiple-engine aircraft and the first hydroplane. He created his own company called Sikorsky Aero Engineering Company and finally in 1939; he would design a machine that would become the classic helicopter.


These are not the transformers that more than meets the eye but rather the ones that are used in the power grid. If we didn’t have proper transformers, we wouldn’t be enjoying the benefits that we do of power grids. Transformers are among the long list of Russian inventions that have helped shape our modern world. They were invented, built, and even placed into operation by Russian electrical engineer Pavel Yablochkov and physicist Ivan Usagin.

These 7 Russian Inventions Helped In Shaping Up The Modern World

The invention was called ‘distribution of light’ back in the 1870s when it came into being.

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber has far more applications in our world than you might think. It is used for making seals, insulation, and is even used for medical devices. It is also utilized in the creation of rocket propellants. It was created by Russian chemist known as Sergei Lebedev who synthesized a technique for producing polybutadiene resin.

Grain Harvester

These 7 Russian Inventions Helped In Shaping Up The Modern World

You can thank Andrei Vlasenko for creating the very first grain harvester ever back in 1868. Another one of Russian inventions that eventually ended up shaping the modern world. It was given the name ‘reaper-thrasher’ when it was created. The design was nothing too special, but it was effective nonetheless.

Petrol Cracking

Petrol cracking is the name given to the technique that is used for giving us the petrol that we have come to rely on so much. The process of cracking petrol was invented by Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov. He is also the first one to have created the earliest industrial cracking unit in 1891.

The Periodic Table

Remember the early chemistry classes when you would hate the person who created the Periodic Table? The table exists because of Russian chemist and scientist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev.

The Backpack Parachute

These 7 Russian Inventions Helped In Shaping Up The Modern World

The parachute is attributed to different people, but they involve a Russian as well. The original idea of a parachute is owned by Leonardo da Vinci. However, the very first knapsack parachute was designed by Gleb Yevgeniyevich Kotelnikov, who was a Russian inventor with military and acting background.

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