These 5 Inventions By Kids Have Made The World A Better Place

inventions done by kids

Kids are known to be creative and inventive. From their imaginations and creative ideas, they have learned and innovated various things. Interestingly some of the most useful inventions today were done by the kids. Here are some inventions which were thought by children and prove that a lot of great things can come from those tiny brains. Not only these inventions are brilliant but they have also contributed a lot to make the world a better place.

Ultra Efficient Catalyst Which Turns Plastic Waste into Biofuel

Egyptian teenager Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad was only 16 years old when she discovered an inexpensive and speedy catalyst which can turn plastic into biofuel at a very sustainable rate. She started the process which uses a chemical called aluminosilicate to break down plastic into methane, propane, and ethane. This solution is not only a potential key to solve the country’s plastic waste problems but can also give the economy a boost.

Emergency Mask Pod For Trapped Humans in Burning Buildings

In 2013, a story appeared where a woman throws her infant out of a second story floor to save it from smoke inhalation. Alexis Lewis read this story and was inspired to devise a solution which can offer people trapped in burning buildings for better options of survival. Lewis combined a lightweight smoke mask made by Xcaper Industries with her own system for launching the emergency device up into open windows. She produced several pod prototypes which were thrown into second story windows more than 290 times by 37 firefighters. Finally, she chose the football-shaped prototype since it has an accuracy of more than 70%.

Algae-Powered Device To Convert Carbon dioxide From Cars Into Oxygen

Param Jaggi was only sixteen years old when he was learning to drive. However, his driving lessons made him more concerned with his car’s emissions. This inspired him to build the Algae Mobile which transforms the car emissions into oxygen. His early EcoTube, a simple tube-like device which can reduce carbon emissions from the exhaust of motor vehicles didn’t get a lot of media headlines but it created a path for future endeavors. Jaggi has accrued several awards including a nomination for Forbes 30 under 30. He continues to speak about science and technology matters.

Life-Saving Apparatus For Children Stuck In Hot Cars

In 2011, an 11 years old middle school student Andrew Pelham was shocked when he heard about the death of a 10 months old baby who was left in a hot van. That was when he came up with the idea of EZ Baby Saver. It is made from rubber bands and duct tape. It was like a colorful bungee-like contraption which hooks onto the driver’s door to ensure that no one leaves the car without checking the back seat. The result will be that no parent can forget a quite or sleeping child in the car.

Writing System Which Enabled Visually Impaired To Read

Braille is used by several people all over the world and is available in various languages. The inventor of the Braille was Louis Braille who was only 15 years old when he invented it in 1824. He lost his eyesight as a result of an accident. He published the first code in 1829 and published a revision in 1837. Braille is celebrated as a hero and genius today.

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