These 40 Ideas Will Make Your House Super Awesome!

underground garage

After a hectic day, we need to go to a place which is relaxing and comfortable. We also want to have a place where our family get the best facilities. That place is called a house. We work hard in our jobs and push our careers, all to collect enough money to make our dream house. However, you need to be wise about spending this hard earned cash. Here is a collection of some wonderful engineering ideas to transform your house. Let us know your favourite in the comments below.

Glass Bathtubs

Pirate Ship Bedroom

Solar Roof Tiles

Convertible Couches

Underground Garage

Convertible Ping Pong Table Doors

Cat Transport System

Chandelier to Transform Room Into Forest

Hammock Bed

Stairs With Slide

Stairs With Book Shelves

Storage Space Under Stairs

Kitchen Garden

Spiral Bottle Storage

Backyard Beach

Lawn Cinema

Indoor Treehouse For Kids

Hammock Over Stairs

Swatch Doors

Basement Skateboard Area

Walk-in Pool

Dining Pool Table

Indoor Outdoor Pool

Glass Fire Pit

Fire Pit Tables

Aquarium Bed

Sandbeach Under Table

Catwalk Around House

Indoor Slide

Backyard Office

Balcony Pool

Swing Dining Tables

Kitchen Table Tennis

Infinity Bathroom Floors

Wall That Sings When It Rains (Currently one in Germany)


  1. Sandip Reply

    Multimeda design ulsluay includes animation, game design, and using those to make videos. Graphic design is the creative combination of words and images, graphic designers do things like brochures, flyers, business identites, magazine spreads, post cards, etc Media design is commercials, etc Congratulations on your scholarship.

  2. Ryan Umland Reply

    I would love to have the glass bath-tub, the solar roof tiles, the double couch/bed, the underground garage, hammock over the stairs, and the lawn beach. These would be super cool to have! So would the stairs book case but I would probably forget and accidentally kick them sometimes.

  3. SoCo Reply

    Ok well first, If you have to ask How much? Keep walking, can’t afford it. Next, most of these fall into the “hollywood set” type thing. So instead of repeating the it won,t work, isn’t a good idea because arguments I have to a few of these were awesome and made wish I could and like another poster one or two I will.
    OMG my wish list begins with the walkinpool, solar roof tiles, love the idea of singing drains. For a kids rec room or home office the convert able couch is good and I’ve actually seen that. The cat walk is so great, my babies deserve one now inside and out. Might like the theme kids rooms except they’d grow out of them so fast.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. yogendra.rajbhar Reply

    for “Stairs With Slide” can connect roof to collect whole roof water in rainy season and store water in any tank for future reference or gardening work..and it also will look cool and natural during water falling in slide..

  5. nodaklady Reply

    Some of these are very practical and make sense i.e. solar tiles, storage cabinets under the stairs, but the sand in a living room and no rug to wipe your feet on. The sand would really ruin that beautiful hardwood floor, plus if you have a kitty, that is a huge no-no. The sand in the backyard….every cat in the neighborhood would use it as a wonderful and huge litter box. Loved the catwalk around the house inside and out. A fire pit in the house? I don’t even think so!! A glass fire place? Would the glass stand the temp of the fire? How would one clean it within a practical means? I’m sure it would need to be cleaned after every use. Again some ideas are great. Some look very costly and only the folks with lots of money could do implement these anyway….and I’m sure they do.

  6. Zubair ahmad Reply

    U wonderful people vth wonderful n awsome minds keep ur site up always

  7. Emmanuel Hernandez Reply

    I have a new perspective on how I will design a house from now on. Pull out cabinets under the stairs is cool. A car that dives underground and pops up inside the living room is even more cool.

  8. masterofwater Reply

    I am pretty sure balcony pool is impossable and there aren’t 40 ideas

  9. Patricia Jeane Reply

    Catwalk around house-very cool! But the sand beach under desk would NOT work for cat owners….just sayin’

  10. Lev7 Reply

    40 great ideas? I went through and only counted 35.
    My top 5 things are:
    1. solar tiles
    2. storage space under stairs
    3. kitchen garden
    4. walk in pool

  11. Andy Towle Reply

    1. Solar Roof Tiles
    2. Convertible Couch
    3. Storage Space under stairs
    4. Kitchen garden

  12. Tony W Reply

    OK, some of these are flat out awesome, but others are just plain ridiculous…..Just for fun, I’ll list the ridiculous (or impractical) ones first.
    1) Sandbox under your desk – Yeah, that won’t make a mess on the carpet or worse, the hardwood floors all over the house. Great idea….
    2) Fire Pit Tables – Nice way to set fire to just about anything that accidentally slides down the table there, guys & gals.
    3) Chandelier to Transform Room Into Forest – I don’t need an entire room to permanently look like it’s Halloween, do you?
    4) Spiral Bottle Storage – Next time I need to convert my missile silo basement into something useful, I might do this.
    5) Hammock Over Stairs – Great way to get pets stuck in the netting & children to fall over the edge. Useless.
    MANY MANY others fit this useless category, but I won’t go on with it…lol

    Now for the practical ones
    1) Storage Space Under Stairs – Since I don’t have Harry Potter to stuff in that under-stairs closet space, this would work very nicely.
    2) Backyard Office – A nice refuge from the craziness that goes on inside the house at all hours of the day for me.
    3) Backyard Beach – Again, something that could be easily done in just about any size space….even in NYC.
    4) Dining Pool Table – All this one is missing is a poker table attachment.
    and finally…
    5) Kitchen Garden – Beats the snot out of using an aquarium to grow……nevermind.

  13. Teri Reply

    Awesome ideas. Though living in an earthquake prone area, I would not be comfortable with a ton of water above my head with the aquarium bed!

  14. atul Reply

    Aquarium bed, Hammock over stairs & Indoor Tree-house For Kids are the great inventions.

  15. Nasir Reply

    to save space and making the things to have two or multiple use that is great this is the real engineering , and purpose of engineering should be this to accomodate and make the things possible within a small budget.

  16. asadullah Reply

    How much it cost if i want to make walk in pool and the solar rooftiles?

    • Andy Anderson Reply

      Typically you would solicit quotes from contractors and vendors to get an answer to that question……

  17. Matt Reply

    say you can delete both of these comments ^, was just hoping for some feedback & don’t necessarily need my comment up there. thanks

  18. Matt Reply

    Say, I’ve thought of a hidden hydraulic lift garage as well as for pool tables for a while now— is there any way you guys can point me in the direction of finding a company that does this sort of stuff for a living– the brainstorming and resource utilization at the fingertips of creativity’s door!! Please let me know how to get involved; I’ve often saw those hydraulic lifted TVs out of entertainment centers, as well as for in the kitchen with pop-up blenders. The Disney channel had a movie years ago called “Smart House” and my innovative mind took it to heart and has never gave up on searching for more ways to incorporate this in my life. Please help me if you are able. I have a BAS in Technology Management and am looking for a career as of right now– Thank you for your time.

  19. tristan shaw Reply

    my first 3

    1, the solar rooftiles
    2. the glass bathtub
    3. the underground garage

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