These 3D Printers Can Make You Anything Out Of Chocolate


3-D printing is the talk of the town these days. From making moulds and sculptures to growing organs with the help of tissue bank, everything is being tried nowadays. The 3-D revolution shows no signs of subsiding, and it has even ventured into the confectionery business now.


We all love ur chocolate. We like it in the form of bars, we like it in rounded shapes, we like it in all different kinds of crazy shapes and styles but they are all mass- produced so any unique design of our liking isn’t possible due to these conventional manufacturing methods. That is why some of the leading chocolate manufacturers like the Hershey Corporation are developing 3-D chocolate printers to allow people to make their chocolate models.

Since it is a chocolate company developing the product, they have added assortments for changing the kind of chocolate the 3-D machine uses. You can have white, milk or dark chocolate depending on your taste. Unfortunately, the machine is still in a development phase, and the company has given no fixed date to start commercial sales.


There is another 3-D chocolate machine called ChefJet which is being made by 3D systems. The functions of ChefJet are mostly the same and even more intricately designed shapes, and colours can be made with the help of it. It can even handle other stuff than chocolate, like candy, sugar and a variety of 3-D printable edibles. Unlike Hershey’s system, this 3-D chocolate printer will be available in the market by the end of this year. The main issue with ChefJet is the price as the base price for a simpler version is rumored to be around 3,000 $ which is not what everybody can afford just to shape their chocolates. Take a look at its video:

But if you want to have some less intense 3-D chocolate fun and you can’t wait any longer, I suggest you try ChocEdge, which has been available in the market for the last couple of years. Unfortunately, the price is still quite high, but it could be a great addition to your bakery or restaurant as these things aren’t that common and will make you popular. Have a look at ChocEdge here:



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