These 3D Printed Dress Show How The Future Of Clothing Will Be Like

3d printed dress

We have seen how 3D printing in housing is changing the manufacturing industry, rebuilding houses and also reshaping the education. However, the possibilities for 3D printing doesn’t stop there. The fashion industry is also going to revolutionize with 3D printing technology. From creating product samples and then moving to design wearable 3D printed dresses, the fashion industry is moving towards a less expensive design process. Designers will not be required to create prototypes when they can get a $5000 SLA desktop printer and do their work from their studio.

The drop in the cost of the 3D printers allows fashion designers to consider 3D as another creative medium. There are also some companies that promised to use 3D printing technology in their shoes. Adidas and Under Armour have pledged that customers will be able to 3D print sneakers in their stores. The designers have also partnered with engineers, architects, and mathematicians to create high-end fashion wear for the future. Here are some of the coolest 3D printed dresses in the fashion industry.

Spider Dress

Spider dress 2.0 is a perfect evening attire. Anouk Wipprecht creates the clothing and it is equipped with an Intel Edison chip which continually analyzes the biosignals of the wearer. If something gets too near or the breathing of the wearer gets heavy, the dress simulates spider’s territorial instincts and uses robotic arms to protect the wearer. The dress is entirely 3D printed and uses laser sintering.

Skeleton Dress

Iris Van Herpen took inspiration for the dress from nature. The skeleton dress is entirely 3D printed and was created in collaboration with architect Isaie Bloch. It is designed to match the anatomy of various animals.

Gems of the Ocean

This 3D printed dress is inspired by the way ‘gentle waves wash over reef systems in the clear seas. ‘ It is the first full-length 3D gown which is printed in a single part. It was created by Melinda Looi and the 3D printing powerhouse in Belgium, Materialise. The dress was folded to fit into the smaller 3D printing machine. After the suit was printed, it was given the final touches using 5000 Swarovski crystals.

Smoke Dress

Anouk Wipprecht creates the smoke dress is another impressive 3D printed tech wear. It was designed and printed as a part of an extensive collection for Volkswagen. If someone gets too close to the wearer, the dress releases smoke to protect the wearer.

The Voltage Collection

This dress was also created by Iris Van Herpen in collaboration with Julia Koerner and Materialise. The team of the designers and engineers have created a 3D printed dress which resembles lace, using the process of laser sintering.


The Kaat Debo, Alexandra Verschueren, and Tobias Klein dress look and resembles fashion from 1914. The lace looking dress uses both mathematics, and an architectural touch to complete the look. The designers say that the suit “represents the tension between the desire for ornament and the search for the modern.”


This dress was inspired by the complexity of the universe and the space mystery. It is created by Laura Thapthimkuna, the fashion designer who wanted to create a dress which combines both organic and mathematical elements. The designer described the dress saying, “I tried to do something quite different and very sculptural…I think what makes the dress different is the concept behind it and the overall design.”

The Smock Corset

This dress looks like a dress picked from a regular shop unless you take a closer look at it. The piece combines architecture to create a piece which is wearable but futuristic as well. Marina Hoermanseder and Julia Koerner designed it.

Synapse Dress

Intel Edison also powers this dress. The 3D printed Synapse Dress can analyze the environment of the wearer. Anouk Wipprecht also designed this. It logs the actions of the user and identifies anything in the environment which might stress the wearer. The headpiece of the dress can track the attention level and notifies others around you to not disturb you while you are concentrating on a task. The dress also gives a 120 watt light signal if anyone you don’t approve of gets close to you.

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