Wonderful Engineering

These 22 Incredible Pictures Explain Everything We Achieved In Technology In 2014

We’ve stepped into 2015 and this is when we take one last look at 2014 and what was achieved during this technologically amazing year.

22. This all can fit in your pocket now!

21. Liquid Rejection

20. 3D Imaging via Oculus Rift

19. Shanghai between 1987 and now

18. Trash Can that moves to collect trash

17. Bionic Hand at work

16. Bionic Arm

15. Planets discovered in 2014 compared with last 20 years

14. Transparent cars

13. Getting Together

12. Realistic Robots

11. Videos from Memories of Humans

10. Cool Doors

9. This Happened!

8. Bathrooms with smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it exist

7. Green Screen Making things Possible

6. Selfies in Space

5. There are digital libraries where one scans a QR code to get the book they want

4. And Harry Potter-esque ads in subways

3. Hologram Apps

2. Spoon for Parkinson’s Patients

1. Translation in real time