These 21 Pictures Depict The Most Bizarre Laws In USA That Can Land You In Prison

weird laws in us 5

What follows is the take of a photographer, Olivia Locher, on a series of laws across USA that she finds weird. The title of her work is ‘I Fought the Law’ and she has depicted her point of view via photographs. When asked about how she came up with the idea for this, she said; ‘A friend brought up in conversation that it’s illegal to carry an ice-cream cone in your back pocket. A long period of time passed from that conversation but I kept finding myself thinking about it. Then I did some initial research and quickly discovered that there wasn’t a shortage of interesting laws. I knew it would be a great photography project!’

Enjoy the pictures below. All pictures are courtesy of Olivia Locher.

  • In South Dakota it’s unlawful to cause staticweird laws in us

  • In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all timesweird laws in us 2

  • In Washington it’s illegal to paint polka dots on the American flagweird laws in us 3

  • In Kansas it’s illegal to serve wine in teacupsweird laws in us 4

  • In Oklahoma it’s illegal to make love to an automobileweird laws in us 5

  • In New Mexico defacing rocks is a crimeweird laws in us 6

  • In Maryland hammering a nail into a tree is punishable by a fifty dollar fineweird laws in us 7

  • In Vermont it is illegal to use colored margarine in restaurants unless the menu indicates you doweird laws in us 8

  • In Florida a person may not appear in public clothed in liquid latexweird laws in us 9

  • In New Jersey a person can be arrested for slurping soup in publicweird laws in us 10

  • In Nevada it is illegal for men who have mustaches to kiss womenweird laws in us 11

  • In Kentucky it’s illegal to paint your lawn redweird laws in us 12

  • In Rhode Island it is illegal to wear transparent clothingweird laws in us 13

  • In Maine it’s unlawful to tickle women under the chin with a feather dusterweird laws in us 14

  • In Utah no one may walk down the street carrying a paper bag containing a violinweird laws in us 15

  • In Alaska no person may drive a vehicle when there are three people in the front seatweird laws in us 16

  • In Connecticut pickles must bounce to officially be considered picklesweird laws in us 17

  • In Wisconsin it is illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheeseweird laws in us 18

  • In Texas it is illegal for children to have unusual haircutsweird laws in us 19

  • In Hawaii coins are not allowed to be placed in ones earsweird laws in us 20

  • In California nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming poolweird laws in us 21



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  1. HD Reply

    RE: New Mexico – this is to prevent idiots from defacing rocks that have ancient Indian petroglyphs on them.

    RE: Maryland – Most likely this is to prevent eco-warriors from driving nails into trees. Which causes lumberjack chainsaws to bounce back out of the tree (or the chain blade to break and whip out) and potentially kill ir maim the chainsaw operator.

    As for Utah: I’ve lived here over 40 years and couldn’t start to guess!

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