These 20 Examples Show That Following A Life Hack Is Not Always A Good Idea


The term Hacks and improvisations are very similar, and there is no fine line differentiating between the two. Ingenious hacking, that is the very definition of creativity is always taking the internet by storm. Here are some insane hacks that will make you rethink the very definition of crazy:

1. Easiest way ever to make noodles


Now there should be a limit to everything.

2. Broke but still going strong


I hope he never buys the tire. This is hilarious.

3. Time efficient?


Probably took him more time than ordering a new one from eBay.

4. What use is a real headlight?


You won’t be pulled over now I guess.

5. Perfect fit


Yeah, nothing like an improvised sofa repair.

6. Only way to get out of student loans


Yeah. Sad and true.

7. Grandma is at the top of things.


Adopt me, maybe?

8. Rambo headset


Adjusting the band is the main problem here. If too tight, it can cause a headache.

9. DIY Phone Art


Now you don’t have to buy a 20$ case everytime you want to change colors.

10. Multidimensional pushcart


It can be your piece of chameleon furniture.

11. Improvised makeovers


That’s far from safe.

12. There is cheap, and then there is free.


Why to buy a new sprinkler when you can do this….

13. DO NOT microwave it!


Whose failed brainwave was this? I mean you can heat it on other sources of heat, and it will do just fine as well.

14. How to fold your clothes very carefully.


Nobel prize for organization!

15. Cover up your rim with rope to serve as a tyre


This was actually a part of 1st annual Walmart car show.

16. Make your own Sprite with lemon and sugar


Sprite costs 1.5$ while San Pellegrino cost 4 $.

17. This toothbrush holder.


Neat, especially for hostel usage where everybody is taking away your stuff without asking.

18. Eat Chinese with this hack


All your Chinese restaurant problems are now over. This pair of chopsticks can go back to original position when released.

19. Dead batteries


Use the batteries from camera and other heavy duty gadgets to power flashlights and remotes.

20. Old CD spindle into Bagel storage.


That being said, If you are looking for some genius life hacks, check out this list

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