These 15 Magnet GIFs Will Show You The Power Of Magnetism


All of us have tried to scavenge magnets from our toys and make speakers out of them. But for many of us, that was the end of magnets till we started engineering college and found out more uses for it. Magnets are undeniably one of the coolest materials out there and easily available to us. If you are in denial, you can check out these GIFs and know that magnets are a force to be reckoned with, literally:

1. When a magnetic field is applied to a ferrofluid.


2. These homing magnets destroy the tiny goblet to bits. Huh! plastics!


3. When you apply a magnet to your old TV that used cathode rays. It disrupts the path of electrons constituting the video.


4. A magnet inside a copper tube. A never ending tunnel


5. A neodymium magnet being absorbed completely by a magnetorheological fluid. Monstrous stuff.


6. A well-engineered bottle opener with a magnet to catch the caps.


7. When you apply an electromagnetic field to Aluminium.


8. Having a magnet on one side of the Newton’s cradle creates a perpetual machine of sorts.


9. Thank GOD that’s not your finger or private part in between.


10. When an object has achieved superconducting state, a magnet can be made to levitate and go on like this!


11. When a ferrofluid is applied magnetic field from below the holder


12. Liquid Oxygen is actually paramagnetic so it displays incredible magnetic properties.


13. This happened when a poor apple is placed between two strong magnets.


14. Balancing gravitational and magnetic forces can also achieve levitation! This plate has been levitated.


15. They can also hold big objects relative to their size.



  1. My name Jeff Reply

    So with #7, did they turn off the EM field, or did the aluminum lose it’s electromagnetic properties once molten?

  2. Gary Pearce Reply

    These are truly amazing , Thanks for sharing them and i will reshare them on Reddit and Facbook for you.

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