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These 15 Awesome Maps Will Teach You More About The World Than Any Atlas

Maps can be used to convey a lot of information in a relatively tiny area. What you see here aren’t just numbers but years and years of research and studies crammed statistically into maps. So, here are 15 maps that will educate you and teach you more about the world than volumes of encyclopaedias!

1. A map was drawn in the Japanese Kingdom in 1848. It centers on Tokyo itself.

2. Just how common blonde hair is around the world. If you like partners with this hair color, this could be your treasure map!

3. A map showing homicide statistics around the world. Stay away from the areas marked red!

4. A map was drawn in AD 43 that is a reprint drawn of a battered one from Pomponius Mela, who is also known as the father of Cartography or the science of making maps. Doesn’t make much sense but if you take a right-hand side view of it, things will appear a little clearer with middle east being in the center, Africa on the left and Europe above it.

5. Map showing how official time and solar time varies around the world.

6. Map is showing every city with 100,000+ population in the world. They don’t seem to be much.

7. A map showing population density around the world. South Asia and Eastern China is the most densely populated region of all time.

8. Adding a twist, this is how the map of the world will be if the areas were scaled according to population alone.

9. A map of the world from Ottoman Empire, 1803. Very accurate I’d say. I can’t even make the map of my locality correct.

10. A map of prevailing religions around the world including major sects.

11. A map of the world from 1154 AD. Now that hardly makes any sense.

12. Mercator projection, 1569. Very close resemblance. The Americas are incorrect because of less exploration in those areas.

13. A map showing most popular sports around the world.

14. A map showing most popular website in relative areas.

15. A map based on a survey that asked people who is the biggest threat to the world peace. America sure is unpopular in this regard after some failed wars!

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