Wonderful Engineering

These 14 Home Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

Don’t you wish your life was simpler and easier? If that is the case, which we sure are is, then put your engineering cap on and check out these amazing 14 hacks that you can use for imparting ease to your life. Let us know what you think about the hacks in the comments section below.

14. Click here to check out how your room looks with varying kinds of paint.

13. Use fabric and adhesive spray to turn your boring mat into something fun.

12. Like a Boss!

11. Enhance space and aesthetics by using this floating and slim bookcase.

10. Contact paper can be used for the layout of a photo gallery wall.

9. Poke some holes through a lampshade to get amazing results.

8. Make use of a bow to get fancy shower curtain rings! Rust-free.

7. Place your mouthwash in a decanter to impart a flair of aesthetics.

6. Color the side of your dressers to make life fun.

5. Do it with doors too!

4. You can add rustic curtain hooks by making use of a Jute rope.

3. A hollowed out book can be used for hiding the Wifi Router.

2. Potted plants can be switched quite easily by placing them into plastic pots.

1. Use command hooks for hanging curtain rods.