The Xbox Series S Toaster Is Here – And It Burns The Logo On To Your Toast

The Xbox Series S toaster has officially hit the market, available at Walmart for $39.99. The quirky appliance, designed to mirror the appearance of the Xbox Series S game console, not only offers a unique visual appeal but also has practical features for toasting. With six levels of browning, a removable crumb tray, LED countdown, and a defrost button, the toaster aims to merge functionality with gaming aesthetics. The standout feature, however, is its ability to imprint the iconic Xbox sphere logo onto toasted items, adding a playful touch that resonates with the gaming community’s sense of humor.

The toaster’s journey began nearly a year ago when images surfaced on French websites, generating excitement among gaming enthusiasts. Its recent availability at Walmart has reignited interest, with the appliance catering to both gaming and toasting needs. This follows the trend of gaming-themed kitchen appliances, including Bungie’s Destiny toaster, which burns the game’s Tricorn logo onto bread.

The Xbox Series S toaster is not the first venture into gaming-themed kitchen appliances, as it joins the Xbox Series X mini fridge, inspired by memes playfully mocking the console’s fridge-like appearance. The article takes a humorous turn, playfully suggesting an expanded range of Xbox home appliances, envisioning an Xbox microwave, kettle, or washing machine, each adorned with the iconic Xbox logo. The whimsical projection adds to the overall narrative that true Xbox fans would go to great lengths, even imprinting the logo on their food and dyeing their clothes green after every wash.

In the real world, the Xbox toaster is confirmed to be available at Walmart online in the US and the French video game store Micromania. The article details its specifications, including a wide slot, shade selector, LED timer, defrost button, anti-jam function, automatic temperature control, removable crumb tray, and nonstick coated plates.

The playful tone extends to a comparison with the PlayStation 5’s appearance, humorously likened to an ice cream sandwich. Despite sales competition, Xbox-themed kitchen appliances have gained popularity, evident in the positive reception of the Xbox mini fridge. The article concludes by highlighting Xbox’s creative endeavors, referencing a Wonka-themed console giveaway featuring chocolate-colored items, showcasing the brand’s willingness to experiment with imaginative and entertaining products.

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