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The World’s Longest Torpedo-Carrying Nuclear Submarine Has Been Declared Operational By Russia

The K-329 Belgorod, which is considered the world’s longest submarine, has now been declared “operational” by the Russian Navy. The Russian Navy formally made a declaration about this incredible submarine “Belgorod” in a ceremony held at the Sevmash shipyard on Friday. The submarine has the potential to underpin “nuclear-powered, nuclear-tipped, long-range torpedoes.” The submarine is reported to have a pernicious ability to strike missiles and handle a diverse range of undersea operations. According to reports, Belgorod has two OK-650V nuclear power plants installed within it, which can yield 190 megawatts of energy.

This comprehensive submarine is 600 feet long and is equipped with six nuclear-armed autonomous torpedoes known as 2M39 Status-6 or “Poseidon.” These six super weapons are of exceptional capabilities, which can hit the “coastal installations” even without any warning, thus giving a tough time to the enemy. Once the target is locked and hit, it not only damages the nearby areas but also leaves behind an array of radiation that ultimately withstands the enemy from continuing any operations there.

The Russians regarded this submarine as a “research vehicle” and said, “It can conduct diverse scientific expeditions and rescue operations in the most remote areas of the world ocean.” A nuclear delivery system of weapons has been installed in this underwater vehicle in order to counter and diminish the impacts caused by any American missile system. Moreover, the mission of this submarine can be discharged even when you are thousands of miles away from the target and the repercussions can then be witnessed for longer periods due to its extreme endurance characteristics.

The Russian Military has depicted a video of testing the operational parameters of the submarine along with an underwater test of torpedoes back in 2019, which is being demonstrated in the video below:

This huge submarine is designed with such attention to detail that it can effectively carry “deep-sea drones, a deep-diving nuclear-powered minisub, and a submersible nuclear power plant designed to power an undersea sensor network,” as reported. One of the most interesting aspects of this submarine is to monitor and operationalize deep-sea objects that are immersed deeper into the water, including the “submarine cables.” To carry out these functions, it is designed in such a way that it would effectively position itself in terms of hovering.

Hence, equipped with magnanimous defense capabilities, this submarine has now been under the jurisdiction of the Russian Navy and is capable of carrying out its operations with its sturdy weapon quality system. It has the potential to destroy cities from a distance of thousands of miles with its incredible Posideon torpedoes and, therefore, rules under the sea.

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