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Russia Has Deployed Its Supersonic Onyx Missile In Syria For The First Time

russia launched supersonic onyx missile

The Northern Fleet of Russia has test fired the anti-ship missile Onyx on Kotelny Island from the missile-defense system of Bastion. This test appears to be a sign from the Russian Navy that if they are forced, they can fight for their defense. The Bastian launcher is equipped to carry two anti-ship missiles from Onyx that have the capability of engaging targets with a high-low trajectory up to 300 km or a low flight trajectory up to 120 km. The missiles have been designed to be deployed to target ships, but they can also be used against targets on the ground.

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Yuri Borisov, said, “These efforts have shown the whole world that Russia is something to be reckoned with. To put it mildly, the whole world underestimated Russian industry, Russian defense industry, and all our achievements, saying that everything is rusty, their rockets don’t fly. We have some very good beginnings, and to some extent, we are trend-setters.” These missiles can travel at a speed of 2700km/h and can also carry conventional or nuclear warheads while traveling up to 300km.

The video of the deployment was released on 26th September and has created much interest in people all over the world. The video also shows several test fires of Onyx Supersonic P-800 missiles which were launched from the defense complex of Bastion Coast of Russia. Russian Ministry states that these missile launches were a strategic part of the tactical drills done by the North Navy Fleet. A spokesperson from the North Navy Fleet shared that these missiles have been delivered to the Bastian coast for the tactical exercises. He said, “Rocket fire will be launched at a remote target simulating a group of enemy surface ships.” The first container ship, Venta Maersk, will set into the Russian Arctic to arrive at the St. Petersburg very soon. The missile launch was just a trailer, days before the maiden voyage of the container ship into the depths of the Russian Arctic. The journey is perhaps a test run which will determine the Russian Navy’s potential in the shipping route of the Arctic waves.

Konstantin Sivkov, a specialist of the Russian Military Affairs, shared his views and said, “This was the first time the Bastion complex, equipped with Onyx missiles, has been used against targets on the ground. I assume that it was fired not so much in order to destroy some impotent enemy position but to check, under combat conditions, the possibility of using this weapon for land attack.” This development in the Russian Navy will make other countries rethink their war strategies. A Redditor shared his views on the video and said, “This is why the US is developing directed energy anti-missile defense systems.”

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