The World’s Longest Car Has Been Restored – And Is Even Longer Now

The world’s longest automobile was on its way to Florida for a comprehensive overhaul in 2020. The so-called “American Dream,” which was originally constructed in Burbank in 1986 by customizer Jay Ohrberg, has seen brighter days after being forgotten behind a New Jersey garage for several years. But now that the world’s longest automobile has been restored, it looks a lot better than ever before.

The “American Dream” was initially made in California during 1986 by custom wizard Jay Ohrberg out of a succession of Cadillac Eldorado limos, however, he shortened it to 60 feet (18.3 m) with 26 wheels, a V8 engine at the front, and then another V8 in the back. Ohrberg immediately realized his mistake and extended it to 100 feet, inserting a pivot in the center to allow it to navigate around with a curve. Surprisingly, it wasn’t terribly realistic as an everyday car, and after a few film performances, the Dream was allowed to languish and rust at the back of a New Jersey garage for many years.

The current owner is Michael Dezer, who also owns the Dezerland Park Car Museum and Tourist Attraction in Orlando, Florida, so he had the necessary expertise and motivation to get the Dream rebuilt. Dezer has no intentions to drive the vehicle on the road; instead, it will serve as an exhibit at his museum. The video below shows the dreadful state the vehicle was in before it was repaired:

“The helipad is mechanically fastened to the truck with steel hooks beneath and can sustain up to 5,000 pounds,” Michael Manning told Guinness World Records. Although physically driveable, the owners claim that the American Dream is just too lengthy to be driven on public roads. Rather, the renowned limousine will be shown at the Dezerland Park car museum, which is located just outside Orlando, Florida.

Since the vehicle was entirely destroyed, the restoration process took more than three years. The whole drivetrain components, for instance, had to be changed, and the cabin had to be ripped out and switched with a cabin from some other donor car. Finally, Dezer added an inch and a half to its length, enabling it to recapture the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest automobile. Dezer has no plans to take the American Dream on the road; rather, it will serve as a great attraction for his exhibition.

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