The World’s First Portable Quantum Computer Is Going On Sale

Chinese company SpinQ Technology has developed the world’s first portable quantum computers called Gemini Mini, Gemini, and Triangulum. These computers are now available for purchase in Japan. The Gemini Mini is the simplest model with a 2-qubit system starting at $8,700, while the most expensive model among the three costs around $58,000.

Quantum computers are different from regular computers as they operate using qubits (quantum bits) based on quantum mechanics. Unlike bits in traditional computers that can only be 0 or 1, qubits can be both 0 and 1 simultaneously. This unique characteristic enables quantum computers to perform calculations much faster and more efficiently.

SpinQ Technology previously provided their 2-qubit quantum systems to educational institutions in China, Taiwan, and Canada for students to learn programming principles on these devices. Now, anyone can purchase these quantum computers.

The Gemini Mini is an entry-level 2-qubit system with a touch screen. It is relatively portable and weighs 14 kilograms, with dimensions of 200 × 350 × 260 mm. The price of the Gemini Mini is approximately $8,700. It comes with built-in CASTOR software, allowing the simulation of 8 qubits. The coherence hold time, which refers to the stability of the qubits, is more than 20 milliseconds.

The Gemini model, priced at around $43,000, is more expensive than the Gemini Mini. It also contains 2 qubits like the previous model but can simulate 8 qubits. The qubit frequency for the Gemini model is 41.3 ± 2 MHz, and it weighs 44 kilograms with dimensions of 600 × 280 × 530 mm.

In contrast, the Triangulum is a 3-qubit system with a qubit frequency of 39.6 ± 1 MHz. It has a longer coherence hold time of more than 40 milliseconds. The Triangulum also comes with built-in program software called SpinQuasar, which likely enables the simulation of more qubits. It weighs 40 kilograms with dimensions of 610 × 330 × 550 mm.

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