The World’s First e-Sports Island Is Getting Billion-Dollar Funding From Abu Dhabi

Based on an innovative action taken by True Gamers, an internationally known gaming firm, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is anticipated to stand out as one of the famous cities to visit for eSports fans around the globe. True Gamers has recently announced its ambitious plan of creating a unique island dedicated to eSports in Abu Dhabi at a mind-blowing cost of more than $280 million with an estimated worth surpassing $1 billion in total.

The futuristic world of esports on the esports island will come to life with various unique elements, including two high-rise buildings—the first a digital technology and innovation hub and the second one for accommodation in a resort hotel. In addition to this, the island will offer an exclusive training center for pro-gamers and teams, as well as a modern arena specially designed for large-scale events. Finally, influencers and game developers will be able to benefit from their own areas where they can work on content creation.

The project’s parachute leap check-in, which is modeled after PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is one of its most intriguing features since it offers guests a distinctive and immersive experience. The island will also have an opulent hotel with an esports theme, which will improve the whole gaming experience.

Abu Dhabi’s backing of the esports island is consistent with its overarching goals of economic development and diversification. The “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030” strategy of the government is to shift the economy from one that is mostly dependent on oil earnings to one that is more knowledge- and tourism-driven. In order to achieve this goal, investments in initiatives like the esports island are essential for boosting the emirate’s reputation internationally and promoting economic growth.

The MENA region, where esports income topped $2 billion in 2023 thanks to major contributions from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is seeing particularly strong growth in the esports business. Abu Dhabi is bolstering its status as a major worldwide hub for sports and entertainment in addition to capitalizing on a profitable market by establishing itself as a top esports destination.

The esports island is well-positioned to draw players from all over the world because to its advantageous location next to Yas Island, the site of numerous international athletic events. The initiative is a major step toward Abu Dhabi’s economic goals and its goal of becoming a major force in the world esports scene.

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