The WD-40 Scent Perfume You Have Always Wanted Is Here

MSCHF, an art collective specializing in unique and controversial products, has announced a new perfume inspired by the world’s most popular lubricant spray – WD40.

WD40 is renowned for its versatility and the many uses it has. According to its manufacturer, it can be utilized as a water repellent, to loosen stuck nuts and bolts, silence squeaky hinges, inhibit rust, and lubricate moving parts, among others. There are over 2,000 listed applications for this legendary product.

The company specifically cautions against using WD40 lubricant on the skin, however, for those who enjoy its scent, there’s no longer a need to compromise their health as the WD perfume has finally been introduced.

The newly-announced WD40 cologne is currently sold out on its official website, so you could say that quite a few people are at least intrigued enough by it to buy it. The new masculine perfume is supposed to smell a lot like the lubricant spray that inspired it.

The MSCHF art collective based in New York has a tradition of creating one-of-a-kind items, such as sneakers filled with holy water and an ATM machine that evaluates users according to their bank account size. MSCHF’s unique works have always garnered attention and this time is no different.

The notoriety of the odor of WD40 is comparable to its versatility, and the idea of a WD40 fragrance has been a recurring theme in memes for years. But MSCHF has taken this meme and made it a reality, offering the product for sale at the price of $44 per spray can.

The WD40 perfume is out of stock on its official website and there is no alternative source to obtain it. If it returns to the market, it will come with a price tag of $48 per can.

The official WD40 manufacturer has acknowledged the existence of the perfume and, while not affiliated with MSCHF, they appreciate the effort put into creating this unusual fragrance.

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