The US Is Investigating A Directed Energy Attack Near The White House

The White House might have been attacked but no one can say for sure because of the nature of the attack. The attack was invisible, some saying that it was energy-based. What they do know is that similar attacks have happened to dozens of US personal abroad. The attack leads to the onset of debilitating symptoms.

The attack occurred near the Ellipse, which is the large oval-shaped lawn on the south side of the White House. The attack affected one National Security Council official. This has been confirmed by current and former US officials. The Pentagon and other agencies are currently hard at work to figure out what happened at how it happened but currently no conclusions can be drawn. The fact that this happened so close to the White House is very alarming.

This isn’t the first time such an attack has happened. Similar attacks like these took place back in 2019 when a White House official reported an attack while walking her dog in a Virginia suburb. This incident has termed the “Havana syndrome” attack. The attack had many similarities to symptoms shown by CIA and State Department personnel overseas.

The attack induces symptoms like ear-popping, vertigo, pounding headaches, and nausea, sometimes accompanied by a “piercing directional noise”. The directional noise is interesting, maybe the attack happens because of the noise and only a few people are sensitive enough to hear it? That would be ominous but nothing can be said right now.

Many CIA officers and US personnel both at home and serving in Cuba, Russia, and China have been affected by similar attacks but nothing can be said about whether the attacks are connected or not. Defense officials suspect that maybe Russia is behind these attacks but they don’t have enough information or evidence to back their suspicions. It could also be a very wild coincidence but everything happens for a reason.

Rumors say that it was the result of microwave energy attacks. This could explain the piercing directional noise some experienced. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby assured the personnel in a statement by saying that “There is nothing that the Secretary of Defense takes more seriously than the safety, health, and welfare of our personnel serving around the globe in defense of our values and freedoms. Any concerns on issues that call that into question are thoroughly reviewed, and the appropriate actions are taken to mitigate risks to our personnel”.

The attacks have led at least one CIA officer to retire as he got diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.

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