The Ultimate Guide To Dressing Up For A Successful Job Interview

Dressing up for a job interview

It is a well known fact that recruiters tend to judge you on the first impression you give and they fail or pass you to the next level in the first 30 seconds of the interview. Dressing up appropriately for the job interview can give a very good first impression and impress the recruiter. Here’s what you need to do to be perfectly dressed for the interview

Dressing up for a job interview
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  1. Worley Reply

    Suits don’t make smart men. Steve Jobs rarely pictured putting on suits, his favorite was Jeans and sports shoes. I don’t think we should link brains/skills/attitude with outside appearance

  2. VS Reply

    If you’re a woman and you don’t know how to dress for an interview – go ask your mum.

    We men have to rely on articles like this.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Thats for you:

      The Ultimate Guide On How Women Should Dress Up For Job Interviews

  3. carlyle Reply

    i like it.what are the most frequently asked question during job interview?can you share it to me.thanks


    I somehow wonder if I would get the job dressed like that. Where is the infographic for women?

    • Feminism uber alles Reply

      You can research about it and contribute if you want. Smite men! Show them! Go go go!

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