The U.S Space Force Is Being Urged To Prepare For Lunar Warfare


Donald Trump, when he announced the raising of a space force he gave a very confused concept of the force. The tasks and their impact internationally were not clear, and it was as suspicious and low-key controversial as was almost every other endeavor undertaken by Trump. 

To the surprise of many onlookers, the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Space Vehicles Directorate (SVD) has recently dropped hints by saying that it is now time to treat the moon and surrounding areas as a new frontier.

The space enthusiasts think that the military should have its presence in outer space keeping in view the increase in extraterrestrial activity. With the surge in space activity, surely having a firm base out there would not be a bad idea, especially when the number of satellites and the aspirants to launch them continue to grow and conflict each day.   

The AFRL believes that military expansion and in space is justified. They say that with the advent of space-age nearly upon us, the contest in outer space is set to become more intense. They further say that the Moon is destined to become a military outpost as the expeditions on the moon continue to grow.

“Operating spacecraft beyond geosynchronous Earth orbit poses unique challenges,” SVD director and Air Force Colonel Eric Felt said in a statement provided to Space News. “As commerce extends to the moon and beyond, it is vital we understand and solve those unique challenges so that we can provide space domain awareness and security.”


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