The U.S Navy’s New Non-Lethal Weapon Can Stop You From Talking – Here Is How

Technology has become so deeply integrated into the military that it has brought new and unique gadgets that can help significantly in furthering the purpose of defense and offense. The world is running out of its already limited resources and the increased population is not helping the circumstances. Countries are looking for resources they can claim. In order to support this objective, they need to develop a strong military department. This is the only way; they can fight for their share in the depleting resources.

Owing to the mission specified above, the US military has developed a non-lethal and safe device. It is basically a special electronic device that stops communication between parties. If spoken into, instead of conveying the message, it will repeat the same message of the person to her or him back.

A report from New Scientist states that it was made in 2019 but is discovered now. The device is being called acoustic hailing and disruption (AHAD). The purpose of this is to bar any sort of communication between the opponent and their allies. The person will be hearing themselves back, causing irritation and frustration. This will stop the message from being conveyed.

The device, however, will not be used in wars or the field of a battle in the near future. It can be used for controlling crowds at the moment. The device is manufactured by the engineers at the Naval Surface Warfare, Crane Division, Navy research, and development facility in Indiana that already works with handheld and crew-served weapons for the service.

The use of microphones, transmitters and recorders in the device will annoy the speaker and get them to stop talking as they will only be hearing themselves back. it is guaranteed to annoy enemy combatants or domestic malcontents.

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