The U.S Is Reportedly Sending ‘Kamikaze’ Drones To Help Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already spanned three weeks. As Russian troops endure massive casualties in armored and ballistic armor equipment, planes, and manpower, the Kremlin’s gains on all battlefields have delayed, if not paused. Simultaneously, many Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv, have been exposed to more devastating bombing campaigns, resulting in a lot of civilian dead and pushing millions more to escape.

The US is allegedly deploying “kamikaze” Switchblade drones to Ukraine as part of the new $800 billion (€722 billion) military plan to assist the nation in repelling Russia’s incursion. The shipment will contain 100 “tactical” drone technologies known as Switchblades, according to US sources speaking on the condition of anonymity. Switchblades are tiny “suicide” UAVs that disintegrate on collision. The Switchblade is essentially a one-time use drone that is tiny enough just to carry in a bag, travels at roughly 100 km/h, and contains cameras, navigation systems, and bombs to plunge into its objective. This is done to guarantee that attacks are accurate and may be abruptly canceled if they risk persons or property around.

What Are Kamikaze Drones? All About 'Suicide Drones' Which US Might  Transfer To Ukraine

According to the sources, the kamikaze drone employs real-time GPS  location and video for “perfect shooting with minimum unintentional consequences.” It is released through a tube and may take off from a diversity of air, sea, and ground stations because of its compact size. The entire system, comprising warhead, missile, and carry pack, measures only 2.5 kg. This has a range of roughly 40 kilometers and durability of about 40 minutes, but it is noticeably heavier as a consequence, with the drone and missiles it contains weighing close to 55 kg. “We’re going to supply Ukraine so that they can fight and protect themselves in the challenging days ahead,” US  President Joe Biden said on Wednesday.

US sending 100 'suicide' drones to Ukraine | Israel National News - Arutz  Sheva

Thus, according to the multiple sources acquainted with the lists, the Switchblade UAVs were on Ukraine’s dream list of sought tactical and technological help that they’re already asking to discuss with the US administration. These items were added to the roster after the Ukrainians met with legislative allies on drafting the list over the weekend. If the US provides the Ukrainian military with weaponry, the US would have to educate them, but individuals knowledgeable with the list indicated that could be accessed electronically. This weaponry would’ve been ideal for the surprise attacks that Ukrainian soldiers have repeatedly used against their Russian counterparts.

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