The U.S Is Passing A New Law That Would Fund Reverse Engineering Of UFO Technology


The U.S Congress has been taking a serious interest in the matter of UFOs. This Tuesday, it has passed a new bill that would allow funding to reverse engineer UFO technology.

There will be a rapid response force formed that would conduct field investigations and analyze data from any sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the US government’s preferred term for UFOs, reports Military.comThe group seems to fall under the purview of the UFO task force that the Pentagon announced two weeks ago.

“Protecting our national security interests means knowing who and what is flying in US airspace,” Rep. Ruben Gallego, a cosponsor of the legislation, told “Right now, our system of tracking and identifying UAPs is scattered throughout the Department of Defense and other departments and agencies of the federal government.” 

Pentagon would then be required to make a research process that would allow it to understand any UAP that appears beyond the “known state of the art in science or technology.”

Any data gathered could also be used in funding requests to “replicate any such advanced characteristics and performance” of UAPs, according to this means that government plans to encourage the reverse engineering of UFOs.  

However, it must also be considered that UFOs might not exist after all. They can be an output of optical illusions or hardware glitches. Furthermore, some of them might be from the technology present on earth.

Nevertheless, this bill officially addresses UFOs and the possibilities attached to them.


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