The U.S Has Eliminated Manual Human Control Requirement For Automated Vehicles

On Thursday, regulators from the U.S issued the final ruling on eliminating the need for automated vehicle manufacturers to add manual driving controls to automated vehicles to meet crash standards.

Many automobiles on the road now include advanced driver technology, which aids in the saving of lives and the prevention of accidents on our nation’s roadways. While some automated driving technologies are intended to notify you if you are in danger of a collision, others are intended to take measures to prevent a collision.

Due to safety rules which have been made generations earlier presume that people are in charge, manufacturers and technology firms have encountered considerable challenges in implementing automated driving system (ADS) cars without human supervision. General Motors Co. and its conscience technology challenged the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) last month for authorization to create and operate a self-driving car without human inputs such as power steering or brake systems.


According to NHTSA, current rules do not presently prohibit the deployment of automated cars as long as they have conventional commuting control mechanisms, and automakers may even need to collect signatures NHTSA for a deduction to market their ADS-equipped automobiles as it considers modifying other safety requirements. The guidelines strengthen the criteria for assessing cars that “always seem to have a driver’s seat, steering wheel, and related steering system, or just one front back seat.”

US eliminates human controls requirement for fully automated cars | Free  Malaysia Today (FMT)

“When a driver is shifted from one person to another in an ADS-equipped car, the requirement for human survival remains the very same and must be integrated from the start,” said Steven Cliff, deputy director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, according to Reuters.

The new guidelines, planned in March 2020, highlight that self-driving cars must offer similar standards of passenger safety as human-driven automobiles. The NHTSA rule states that children should not inhabit what is usually regarded as the “driver’s” position since it was not intended to protect children in an accident, yet if a kid is in that seat, the car will not be forced to stop instantaneously.

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