The U.S Has Blacklisted More Chinese Companies Over Xinjiang

With the passage of time, human rights are getting more attention from people, organizations, and governments altogether. States or governments do not wish to be associated with institutions that profusely violate and ignore the existence of human rights. In fact, active and open condemnation is now prevalent against the parties involved in such heinous acts. Recently the new government of the United States of America has put a halt to any kind of relations with a certain party.

The Biden government is conducting an economic blacklisting against Chinese companies due to their inhumane acts and tech surveillance occurring in Xinjiang. The Commerce Department in the States is yet to reveal names of companies that will be boycotted along with the already blacklisted ones. They are believed to be 5 in number. This is done so the forced labor is checked in the West of China.

Against this huge and noticeable blacklisting, China refuses to admit to committing these violations. It claims that all the measures taken by the government are not austere by one bit. In fact, these are mere ‘remedial measures’ because the people being punished today were the violators of Chinese policies and were responsible to create heated clashes between the Hans and Uyghur Muslims. This justification acts as a successful façade to deflect the attention of the media and other countries towards its unfair and atrocious human rights activities.

The blacklisting or boycott discussed above is not a full-fledged cut-off from the selected Chinese companies. Instead, the Chinese companies will have to apply for licenses to be able to engage in trading activities with the US. The US Commerce Department will then run an investigation on the operations of the companies that would have applied for the license.  After an intensive search, the companies will be permitted to work with the US.

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