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The U.S Army’s New Laser Weapon Platoon Will Be Ready Next Month

According to Task & Purpose, the Army will equip a platoon of laser-armed fighting vehicles in January 2023. This platoon was intended to arrive in October 2022, but it was delayed due to further testing to ensure that the system is completely functional when it comes. The testing is an important first step in providing an army with highly defensive equipment capable of combating drones and mortars.

According to Task & Purpose, in January 2023, the Army will equip a platoon of laser-armed fighting vehicles. This platoon was supposed to arrive in October 2022; however, it was delayed due to more testing to guarantee that the system is fully operational when it does arrive. The testing is a crucial first step in providing the Army with highly defensive weapons capable of combating drones and mortars.

One way the Army currently fights is with Stryker vehicles. These armored, eight-wheeled transports can seat up to nine soldiers inside and mount light weapons on turrets. In the case of the laser-armed Strykers, the light weapons are literal, and they use the heat of photons (also known as directed energy) to quickly burn through hostile targets.

A Stryker platoon is made up of four vehicles, each with its driver, commander, and an infantry squad. That’s about 44 personnel in light armored vehicles traveling across the battlefield to a well-positioned position suited for deploying their weapons. Those soldiers should expect to be attacked by a variety of enemy weaponry while on the move and in action, from indirect-fire mortar rounds to hostile drones armed with bombs or searching for artillery.

Before any laser-armed Strykers are sent overseas, they will be stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The system has previously been tested by the Army in development exercises and demonstrations. Lasers can now be integrated into routine military operations, providing yet another instrument designed to defend modern soldiers from the hazards of modern combat.

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