The U.S Army Is On-Track To Deliver Its 50kW Laser-Equipped Combat Vehicles Next Year


For the purposes of advanced security along with the evolution of tech-based ammunition powers, US Army has worked on the initiation of the durable high-tech laser weapon system. US Army is evaluating laser-equipped stryker combat vehicles. The main aim is to put lethal power against Unmanned Aircraft and rocket artillery and mortar RAM systems. The army is deploying next-generation abilities to revolutionize its multi-domain-based actions and create deadlocks.

The Directed Energy Maneuver Short-range Air Defense system has been dubbed “Guardian”, which Defense News reported after an event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. It was estimated by Neil Thurgood, the head of Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) that the induction of the system would be in September.

Last year it was reported to Defense News that the DE M SHORAD system was likely to be inducted in 2022 by powering the lasers by high capacity batteries to be charged by the Stryker’s Diesel engines. So, Defense News further reported that its delivery process was still on track as some of the tests may be continued till February.

Furthermore, it was reported by Defense News that KBR was awarded the contract in 2019. It had further subcontracted the development of the Laser module to Northrop Grumman and Raytheon Technologies. That subcontract was to be ended with a Combat Standoff and a winner would be allotted that contract. So, Raytheon took over the space and could showcase its Laser weapon in August last year, as Northrop had to face thermal power management issues.

Thus Raytheon is developing the beam director assembly and RADAR acquisition system for the Guardian system. This was the case that how Raytheon went further to develop a virtual environment for training US Army cadets on such a weapon system. Prototype combat vehicle was also seen during that training. As when it comes time to train the soldier operating the system suggests performing with a commercial game controller as an upgrade to the standard controller. Hence they used a 3D model of strikers as well on a handheld device so that they can walk through the system virtually in x-ray mode to inspect the parts.


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