The Strangest NFTs That People Have Bought

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have transformed blockchain over the past few years. The digital assets are a huge talking point in the cryptoverse, as creators can tokenize a line of unalterable software code that has recorded sales, which has helped some generate millions of dollars.

NFTs are not only impacting music, sports, and trading, but it has resulted in many people creating and purchasing odd NFTs for huge sums of money. Here are the strangest NFTs people have bought.

  1. Virtual Toilet Paper

NFTs don’t get much stranger than a virtual collection of non-fungible tokens for Charmin virtual toilet paper. The popular toilet roll company produced its digital toilet paper with flowers and generated over $4k in sales. The proceeds were then donated to Direct Relief, a charity supporting people living in poverty or war zones.

  1. Taco Bell NFT Collection

How much would you pay for a collection of taco-themed gifs? Believe it or not, someone paid an astounding $200,000 for the Taco Bell NFT collection, and they never even received a free taco for the pleasure.

The crazy sum of money went to a good cause, as every penny was donated to the Taco Bell Foundation, a charity offering grants and scholarships to young people.

  1. One Calendar Year of Recorded Farts

It is hard to believe someone recorded a whole year of farts, let alone the fact that someone purchased the NFT. Alex Rameriz-Mallis spent a year compiling WhatsApp recordings of his friends’ flatulence before minting the audio into an NFT called One Calendar Year of Recorded Farts. The real mind-blowing fact is people bought the 52-minute compilation for the cryptocurrency equivalent of $842.69. If you want to hear it, you can buy a limited edition version of a single fart.

  1. A Twig

Most people buy NFTs for works of art, songs, or cool collectibles. Yet, some aren’t afraid to use their cryptocurrency to buy more peculiar items. A good example is a non-fungible twig for dogs, which they can’t physically hold in their mouths or play with at a park.

The good news is that the creator also sent the physical twig to its buyer, as they understood not every canine has an email address. The physical and NFT twig, which was found by another dog in New York’s Upper West Side, sold for $1,200. It is proof that some people have more money than sense.

  1. Burning Banksy

It should be a crime to burn a Banksy print, but it turns out it is a lucrative idea in this modern world. On March 3rd, the Injective Protocol purchased the screen-print Morons (White) for $95,000 before setting it on fire during a live stream on Twitter. They then turned the stunt into an NFT to create a more valuable NFT work of art, which paid off, as they sold it for an incredible $382,336. The Banksy painting burned aptly featured the phrase, “I can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh*t.”

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