The SpaceX Rocket That Will Carry The First All-Tourist Flight To Space Has Rolled Onto The Launchpad

Researchers and scientists at space organizations are working round the clock to help materialize the new objective of colonizing space and creating space tourism opportunities. For this, they need to make technology reliable and efficient enough to take flights with people inside and bring them back safely as well. Earlier, Jeff Bezos and a few other people were on a suborbital flight, and it turned out to be a huge success. This successful event paved the way for future crewed flights.

A SpaceX rocket has been created for an orbital journey and will be heading towards NASA’s Kennedy Space Center by the weekend. The rocket is expected to have a long and complete journey of the orbit for the people who will be willing to pay a massively huge amount for the ride. It will not be a short-lived flight like the one done before by Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic that allowed just cruising through the upper atmosphere.

The takeoff plan is made for September 14 and the rocket will be fully prepared to take the flight into space. The rocket is dubbed the Falcon 9. Four people will be seated inside as passengers and none of them are astronauts. The project is being called the Inspiration4 mission, which is generously funded by the mission commander (and, crucially, billionaire) Jared Isaacman.

The capsule will serve as a home for these people for three days of the journey. The vehicle has already made its journey to and back from space. The spacecraft, Resilience, was sent to the International Space Station as a Crew Dragon in November 2020. Falcon 9 has also visited space two times.

The spacecraft will have a glass dome outlook to provide the riders with an incredible view of the space. This will be a monumental flight in the history of space flights.

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