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The Sound Of A Tesla Semi Truck Is As Futuristic As We Expect It To Be

tesla semi truck sound

Elon Musk once said that the Tesla Semi Truck could be driven around like a sports truck. The semi truck comes with high torque electric motors, so this could be expected from them. However, the semi-truck speeding on the roads is indeed an impressive sight. The performance specs are unbelievable for the Tesla semi-truck. If the trailer is not attached, it can go from 0-60 mph within 5 seconds. When the container is connected, and a load of 80,000 lbs is loaded, the truck takes only 20 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 mph. The vehicle is very power efficient since it uses less than 2kWh/mile.

The Tesla semi truck has been sighted at various places in the US. This shows that Tesla has passed the testing phase. The truck has a production date of 2019, and the company is on its way to producing the new truck. According to a report, the vehicle can do 300 miles on a single charge. Tesla has two semi-truck versions with respect to their range; one is a 300-mile, and the other is a 500-mile. These models cost about $150,000 and $180,000 respectively. Tesla has been working on the semi trucks while staying lowkey and has not shared much information about the upcoming truck. However, a Reddit user was able to record a video when one of the semi-trucks passed him with a trailer attached to it. The truck sounds super amazing.

The electric vehicles do not make much noise, but the semi-truck has large motors and make an aggressive sound. Tesla is also planning to produce add-on hardware for the semi-truck like sleeper cabin and carbon fiber body panels. The semi truck has 28 cameras which can help the driver to have a clear view of their surroundings while backing up the vehicle or getting it through tight areas. The semi truck also has Tesla’s autopilot technology. The truck is expected to be extra stable since it has a low center of gravity which is achieved by placing the battery pack close to the ground.

The company will start selling the product by 2020. Currently, Tesla is busy to make the truck perfect and also conducting various tests to see if the truck can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Companies shifting towards electric trucks is a great change since it will result in a lot of reduction in noise pollution. Tesla plans to make solar-powered Megachargers which is expected to be able to charge a 500-mile battery to 80% in half an hour. These vehicles can be recharged using the renewable energy sources instead of using fossil fuels.

The future for electric trucks seems all more promising!

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