First All-Electric Tesla Semi Truck Prototype Spotted In California


Tesla’s latest electric semi-truck is very environmentally friendly and is also quieter than the usual diesel-powered truck engines. A short video of eight seconds shows the Tesla Semi Truck moving swiftly and silently on an intersection in Sunnyvale, California. The prototype of the truck has an impact-resistant glass, a streamlined cabin design and the ability to go from zero to 97 km/h within five seconds. However, this speed is calculated while there was no cargo on the truck.

The unveiling date was pushed back twice because of the Tesla Model 3 production and the company’s humanitarian work in Puerto Rico. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, later unveiled the prototype in November 2017. The lowest paid model of Tesla Semi Truck costs $150,000 and can travel to approximately 300-miles. The other model which costs $180,000 can travel up to 500-miles. The cost is a little higher than expected by the analysts. However, Musk ensured that the electric semi truck costs less to operate than the typical diesel engine.

The semi truck will not be produced until 2019 but companies are already interested to buy Musk’s cheaper, greener electric truck. 18 companies, including Walmart and Pepsi Co, have already placed orders for one truck each. UPS topped the list by placing the order of 125 trucks. The company will hopefully keep Musk’s promise to produce the semi truck by 2019.

However, the odds are a little thin since the Model 3 electric car’s production also could not meet Musk’s 2017 goals. Whether it reaches the market delayed or in time, it will surely be quieter and greener when it will be driven on the roads.


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