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The Sony Computer That You Can Wear On Your Wrist

nextep_sony_computer (3)

As our dependency on the internet increases, our current mobile devices may no longer be able to meet our needs in the near future. With our demand to use the internet increasing, our need for devices such as the Nextep Computer will also increase.

Currently a concept that is designed to be worn on the wrist, this computer will be constructed using flexible OLED touchscreens. The concept is designed by Hiromi Kiriki and will most likely be in production by 2020. The bracelet computer includes features such as a holographic projector (to act as a screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and even social networking capability. With only a few years till this amazing concept becomes a reality, there is sure to be a massive waiting line when it is released.

The Nextep can be worn wherever you go

Made using flexible OLED’s

Has a keyboard that can be pulled out

Will be available in different colors

A hologram projector will be used as a screen

Hologram projector

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