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The Simple Whirlpool Turbine Can Power Upto 60 Homes

The Belgian company Turbulent has come up with a genius solution to generate energy for small-scale rural areas situated near rivers.

The special Turbine can be installed in most rivers to use the flow of water to produce energy. The company claims that the turbine is enough to power up to 60 homes. According to Turbulent’s website, the turbine is very easy to install and is low maintenance.

How does it work?

The working of the whirlpool turbine is fairly simple.

It has only one moving part thus requiring little maintenance. It has a self-cleaning screen that filters debris out of the turbine. An optimized concrete basin guides the water flow into a vortex that powers a high technology impeller. The water then flows back into the stream. The energy produced can be directly connected to the end-appliances, and can also, simultaneously be connected to the national distribution grid.


Turbulent says on their website:

We have created a distributed turbine system that can combine a large amount of turbines into one big virtual hydropower powerplant. These virtual hydropower plants can be as large as 10MW in power output. That’s the power production of a small city! We can do this because our civil structures are designed to be easy to install, and the electronics and robust power take-offs are designed to keep working with minimal maintenance.

Whirlpool Turbine
credits: Turbulent

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