New Haliade Offshore Wind Turbine Can Power A House For Two Days With A Single Spin

The new offshore wind turbine by GE produces 312 MWh in a day, and its single spin produces 13 MW, which is quite an impressive number.

With the latest information on wind turbines, they are certainly an efficient source of clean and renewable energy. However, stories and tales still prevail where sources say that wind turbines couldn’t manage to supply enough energy to the whole communities.

This narrative is soon to change with the introduction of the Vineyard Wind project off Massachusetts.

The project developers announced that they would use a ‘General Electric’ wind turbine called the GE Haliade-X. It is the world’s largest wind turbine having a capacity of an impressive 13 MW.

Vineyard Wind Project’s CEO Lars Pederson said the selection of GE as our turbine supplier makes it that a well-known American company will play a significant role in developing this commercial-scale off-shore wind power project. He marked it as a huge moment for the wind turbine industry’s future, expected to show exponential growth in the coming years.

New Global Records

The novel wind turbine has been successful in breaking the previous records. And has become a global first to produce 262 MWh of power in a single day. This much energy is sufficient enough to power 30,000 homes in the nearby vicinity.

Energy analyst John Rogers did the calculations regarding the turbine’s energy production and concluded that it could produce the energy required to power a single house in 7 seconds. It sounds pretty amazing. While another statement from GE Haliade X states that the turbine could power each home for two days.

This new invention in electricity production with wind turbine has brought in more and more effective applicabilities with a lot less hassle. As these turbines are more powerful, it would require less building as well. Ultimately, leading to less cost and less space consumed for these wind turbines.

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