‘Dear Google Boss,’ Writes 7-Year-Old Asking For Job, Get A Personal Reply From CEO Sundar Pichai

letter to google by girl1

While we were busy probably finger painting or drooling over some cartoon character when we were seven, this little girl is busy corresponding with the CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in the world; Google!

Chloe Bridgewater, age 7, was interested in bagging a job at Google, so she sent a handwritten letter flaunting her computer skills and her deep interest in working at a place with “bean-bag chairs” “and “go-karts for their employees.”

The letter was directly sent to the ‘Google boss’, CEO Sundar Pichai, who was moved by the innocence of the girl and personally replied telling Chloe, an inhabitant of Hereford, England, he looks ‘forward to receiving’ her application for job once she is done with school and encouraged her to follow her dreams.

The original letter was sent to Matt Weinberger of Business Insider by Chloe’s father Andy Bridgewater, which shows Chloe telling Pichai how she enjoys using computers and playing games on her tablet where she ‘moves a robot up and down.’

Besides that, Chloe also expressed her interest in working in a chocolate factory and being an Olympic swimmer. But she was again quick to focus on how she will have a job at google if she continues to be a good student.

Google CEO Pichai replied the little girl earlier this month, encouraging her to keep working hard,

‘I’m glad that you like computers and robots, and hope that you continue to learn about technology,’ the Google CEO wrote. I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to – from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics. I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school’.

Andy wrote on his LinkedIn on how his daughter was ‘knocked down’ by a car and lost her confidence.

‘She lost a great deal of confidence after being knocked down by a car a couple of years ago,’ he shared in a LinkedIn post. ‘However, to say she is delighted after receiving this letter signed by Sundar Pichai himself is an understatement.’

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