The Sasan Magic Carpet Can Transform To Meet All Your Daily Needs

The Sasan Magic Carpet2

What’s the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear the term ‘Magic Carpet’, yes it is Aladdin, the genie and Robin Williams, who is no longer with us. So before we move ahead with this post let us take a minute to remember all the laughs that guy brought to our faces. The magic carpet that we are going to be talking about though, is  a carpet that has been created by Alexander Munk and is known as Sasan magic carpet.SASAN-Magic-Carpet

The idea was to come up with a new kind of carpet that could do more than a regular carpet. So we are going to start with what a regular carpet does. The conventional carpet will simply lie in place and works by imparting style and a little comfort to your sitting area. However, the Sasan Magic Carpet does more than that. Think of it as a multitasking carpet that is capable of meeting your needs as they arise.The Sasan Magic Carpet3 The Sasan Magic Carpet4

It is capable of being folded down into a number of positions and can be ‘locked’ in that position by employing straps. The user can also use some privacy by folding up the carpet and creating two walls on either side or could have the carpet transform into a back rest while watching TV or reading through an interesting book.The Sasan Magic Carpet6

If you think that’s all this carpet can do, think again! You can even make use of the unique capability of this carpet to sit at an angle so that you can rest your back and lift the bottom up while you hanged your legs over it to give you peace. Oh and when you are not using the carpet, you could very well fold it up and take it with you to another room or as you deem fit. Since it can be packed away this easily, you could carry it to beaches and to sleep overs if need be.

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