The RV Attachment For The Cybertruck Has Already Reached $100 Million Worth in Pre-Orders

While people are waiting for Tesla to roll out its cyber truck, the company has launched a Recreational Vehicle (RV) attachment designed to convert Tesla’s electric pickup into a camper vehicle. This RV attachment is called Cyberlandr and there have been 2,000 pre-orders worth $100 million already booked since the news.  

In May, it was said that Cyberlandr had secured more than 1000 orders within 15 days of its launch. Still, after so many months, customers are eager about the vehicle and the orders have doubled now.

The company has a predicted demand of 10,000 units in 2022. According to the details provided on the crowdfunding website, Start Engine, Stream says that its pre-orders deposits vary from $100 to $5,000.

The company aims to transform the RV industry. It makes sure that there is no aerodynamic drag while the Cybertruck is on the road. The Cyberlandr owners need to tap a button on their smartphones and the attachment will be ready for use in under two minutes, the company claims. 

Inside the attachment, there are Bluetooth-compatible surround sound speakers, lights, and faucets that work with voice commands. The structure is light and strong and is made of composite panels. It has a heated floor, an invisible induction cooktop, and free-standing chairs that convert into a bed. The spa-inspired bathroom offers a dry flush toilet, a recirculating shower with five flow patterns, and a foldable sink.

In addition, there is a 32inch TV with a 4K resolution that can stream popular over the top (OTT) media platforms by virtue of the Starlink connection that comes with the Cyberlandr. A motion-sensing alarm along with a 360-degree surveillance system is also incorporated to keep you safe even when you cruise to remote areas. 

The company is currently working on prototypes of the Cyberlandr. The production model is yet to be revealed. The company is on a strict timeline to catch up with the already made orders and the upcoming ones.

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