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The Rolls-Royce Of The 22nd Century Will Not Be Driven By A Chauffeur

The next century Rolls-Royce owners could forgo the hassle of hiring a chauffeur. Rolls-Royce has unveiled the futuristic version of the luxury vehicle that will be self-driving.

The company intends to offer a broad range of customizing options to allow the users to design their car according to their own preferences. This implies that in future, each Rolls-Royce will feature a unique design and layout.


Image Source: Wired


The parent company of the Rolls-Royce has marked its 100th birthday with the release of a series of ultramodern concept cars called “Vision Next 100 Cars” cars. On Thursday, the company unveiled two of these concept cars including a Rolls-Royce and a Mini.

The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 comes without any driving controls and will be a completely self-driving vehicle. The car will be powered by “zero-emissions powertrain”, though the company refused to comment on what the system would actually be!


Image Source: Wired


The Rolls Royce concept car opens doors to a wide array of possibilities. The advancements in manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art design techniques will allow the Rolls-Royce designers to interact directly with the clients and thus, come up with a unique vehicle in the desired style and design. Thus, the future Rolls-Royce patrons would no longer have to restrict their choices to the offered designs and models. They even would have the freedom of naming their own cars.


Image Source: Wired


The roof of the car also opens up completely, thereby allowing the riders to stand up and walk right out of their vehicle. So, no more awkward bending over to step out of your car! In fact, the light projections can create a virtual red carpet on the floor, allowing you to make quite an entrance!

As far as the Rolls-Royce Mini Cooper concepts are concerned, the riders will be assisted by a virtual assistant that will appear inside a transparent display. The VA has been named Eleanor and is inspired by the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette featured on the grill of every Rolls-Royce. The original figure was inspired by the Edwardian-era actress and model Eleanor Thornton.


Image Source: Wired


Eleanor can assist in finding the way or locating a food joint along the way. Eleanor is smart and can learn the preferences of the user to come up with more optimized results. The model revealed in London was upholstered in silk while the interior was also fitted with rare Macassar ebony trim and hand-made silk carpeting.


Image Source: Wired


Rolls-Royce spokesman, Andrew Ball called the vehicle:

“Rolls-Royce’s first true concept car”

If the Rolls-Royce concept car is any indication, the future hints of exceptional riding experiences.