The Revos Kit Converts Any Bike Into An E-Bike In Just 10 Minutes

Want to stay healthy and decrease pollution by going with bicycles to commute. But sometimes you just need a little help to get over a steep hill. This is where e-bikes are a huge help. Now people don’t like to spend money on a brand new bicycle if they already own one. This is where the Revos add-on e-bike kit comes in.

Revolution Works is raising funds for it on Kickstarter and are using the fact that people will be able to go from a standard bicycle to pedal-assist e-bike in less than 10 minutes to attract the investors. The Revos add-on e-bike kit comes as a drive unit, a pedal-assist sensor and a battery and requires no special tools.

(Source: New Atlas)

Once the kit has been fitted, all the driver needs to do is start pedalling. The sensor automatically detects the movement and the drive unit kicks in to help out until a speed of 25 km/h is reached. The unit only engages when the rider is pedalling you can turn it off completely by simply back-pedalling by half a turn. Another half turn is used to reactivate it.

“The drive unit (patent applied for) and motor controller ensure that pedal assist is provided extremely efficiently,” company director Mark Palmer said. “This gives the rider a very positive experience as well as maximizing the available energy stored in the battery. When people see Revos, their first reaction is that its too small give significant help. Once around the car park and they’ve changed their minds.”

(Source: New Atlas)

The campaign of Kickstarter has already met its goal and still has over 2 weeks left. The pledges begin at $465 for a 100 Wh battery kit and $585 for the 209 Wh kit. Shipping is expected to start in October if things proceed as planned. You can check out the promo video below:

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