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The Porsche Taycan Is Porsche’s First All-Electric Sports Car

The all-electric race car Taycan by Porsche was recently unveiled and was put on display by making use of the live stream. The best thing about the premiere is that it took place in three different locations spread over three different continents simultaneously.

Porsche has really lived up to its motto of ‘Soul, electrified.’ The three locations were used as a symbol to highlight three unique forms of sustainable energy while also symbolizing the three crucial sales markets for electric sports cars. The locations are as follows;

Porsche brand ambassador and Formula One driver, Mark Webber, was in charge of hosting and moderating the premiere in Berlin, Germany. Those of you who have missed the live streaming; don’t worry, the video is available on demand. Taycan is the first all-electric car by Porsche that is capable of accelerating from 0 to 200 km/h in less than ten seconds. CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume, kicked off the event with a speech that detailed how Porsche is pushing innovation forward.

During the speech, Blume talked about how the team had managed to redefine Porsche in a sustainable manner with the Taycan. Blume also pointed out that the company would continue being a carmaker that manufactures sports cars. Porsche is all set to invest a total of six billion Euros in electromobility by 2020, and hopeful that one of two cars will be an electric one by 2025. The new three-way motto of the company is; smart, lean, and green.

Stefan Weckbach is the head of the electric car project at Porsche and listed down some important factors about Taycan. For instance, it can reach speeds of up to 260 km/h while being able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. It is also capable of going from zero to 200 km/h in 9.8 and can do so again and again without experiencing any loss of power. Taycan has a range of about 450 km. With a five-minute charge, you can drive it for another 100 kilometers.

The Taycan has a two-speed transmission, and the chassis has been enhanced to the next level. It features electric active roll stabilization, rear-axle steering, comfortable rideability, and amazing balance for sporty speeds. The car is about five times quicker than the all-wheel systems. Porsche says that Taycan is ‘intelligent performance’ for sports and everyday use.

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