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This 1200 BHP Ferrari F80 Concept Supercar Can Easily Hit 310 Mph

F80 concept car (2)

Source: DPC Cars

An Italian designer, Adriano Raeli has designed a concept supercar F80, which looks much like something right out of a superhero movie.

Source: Adriano Raeli

The futuristic Ferrari design is no ordinary concept; it is a highway-legal F1 design. The idea was inspired by futuristic-aviation from the paintings of futurism-movement artists like Umberto Boccioni. The goal was to create a concept that can live up to the standards of Ferrari.

Source: Adriano Raeli

The design was born with a paper sketch, moving into Rhino 3D rendering software and eventually into a clay model. In addition to the design of the body, the designer even outlined a unique hybrid system to power the car that was agreed upon by environmentalists. The system combines a twin-turbo V8 combustion engine with a kinetic energy recovery system.

Source: Adriano Raeli

The breathtaking space-age design incorporated fluid aerodynamics and a science fiction-like bodywork. The hypothetical car is meant to have a 1200 horsepower, driving it from 0-62 mph in 2.2 seconds. The ride will have a humongous top speed of 310 mph with its sharp nose and an extended rear. The front grille features large air vents and widely spread headlights.

Source: Adriano Raeli

The carbon-fiber monocoque skeleton of the car will make you feel giddy as it appears to be in motion while being still. This idea also comes from the works of Umberto Boccioni. The two-seater automobile weighs just 1762 pounds.

Source: Adriano Raeli

We know that you also are mesmerized by the beauty of the car, and want to have it as soon as possible, but sadly, the car is not a reality, yet. Ferrari has not designed the vehicle, and there is a little chance of you getting it unless of course, Ferrari decides to hire the designer ‘Adriano Raeli.’

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