The Pentagon Is Planning To Militarize SpaceX Rockets – And Build Military Starships


Leaked documents obtained by The Inercept from the US Pentagon show that it is interested in employing a fleet of SpaceX’s Starship rockets as a ‘quick reaction force’ to stop ‘a future Benghazi-style attack.’

The documents were obtained by The Intercept. They were drafted by the Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), which created a partnership with the Elon Musk-owned company to investigate the technical feasibility of using the massive rocket within the next five years.

These militarized Starships would carry both cargo and humans and get to anywhere in the world in less than one hour.

The documents also write about three uses for a fleet: an alternate transportation method to the Pacific Ocean, delivering an Air Forced deployable base, and ‘Embassy Support.’

USTRANSCOM is looking for a rocket that is like a C-17 cargo plane, known as Globemaster III, which can carry up to 170,900 pounds and airdrop 102 paratroopers.

The first use is TPFDD (Time Phased Force Deployment Data) support for Pacific OPLAN (Operation Plan).

‘PTP space transportation gives an alternative method for logistics delivery to support adaptive basing operations by enabling theater direct delivery,’ reads the document.

The second use suggests SpaceX rockets could deliver an Air Force deployable air base system, described as ‘a collection of shelters, vehicles, construction equipment and other gear that can be prepositioned around the globe and moved to any place the USAF needs to stand-up air operations.’

The third is Embassy Support, which notes ‘a rapid theater direct delivery capability from the U.S. to an African bare base would prove extremely important in supporting the Department of State’s mission in Africa,’ according to the document.

It is demonstrated that it cost SpaceX $2.1 billion per launch, which is a huge number, considering the Musk-owned company has lost six rockets during testing.

And even though the Pentagon is interesting in obtaining its own fleet, SpaceX has yet to send one into

of the Starship has been on hold since last year, due to the Federal Aviation Administration assessing activities at the company’s Starship base in Boca Chica, Texas.


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