The Owners Of These Nail Houses In China Refuse To Give In To Developers

China has made a lot of progress in the construction industry from creating a 1640 foot wide radio telescope to a 26-mile long bridge. All the latest infrastructure and construction needs space, which means that the residents are forced to move to make room for the new projects. Some owners refuse to leave their home because they think that the offered compensation is very low.

In China, these buildings are left standing while the development progressed around them. These are called the nail houses as they are sticking out like a nail which cannot be removed from the site.

This six-floor villa stands in the middle of a financial center site because its owner was not satisfied with the compensation amount.

This old residential building is surrounded by the newly-built ring road in Guangzhou.

This nail house is present in the middle of an under construction road in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Owner of this house refused to have their house demolished, as a result, it is the only house standing in a village in the Zhejiang province.

This partially demolished nail house is present on a construction site in Anhui province because its owner needs more compensation money.

The brothers who own these houses haven’t signed the relocation agreement.

This house stands in front of a shopping mall in central China’s Hunan province.

Owner of this house filed a lawsuit against the developer of the land but they lost it.

The owner of this building lived without electricity and water for six months.

This house is surrounded by a ditch in Hubei province.

This banner on the nail house reads, “strongly requesting the government to punish the developer who demolished my house, give back my home.”

This land with the nail house will be used for a wetland project on the outskirts of Nanjing.

This construction site sits in the Chongqing Municipality will be developed as a new zone of apartments.

Water and electricity supply had been cut in this nail house in Yunnan province.

The developer dug out the land around this nail house.

This house stands in the middle of a newly built road in the Henan province.

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