This Farmer In China Has Spent Nearly $2 Million To Make A Building That Has Every Architectural Style

 There is a peculiar building in the small town in Guangxi which is a 10-story behemoth that is a mixture of architectural styles from all around the globe.

It is relatively taller than other structures, but it also doesn’t follow any specific architectural style. It has many spire-like towers Russian-inspired domes, the central spire is a Western-style bell tower, and there’s a teapot-shaped fountain as well. The building’s creator, a local farmer, is ready to spend millions so it can be completed.

Li Jiguang, a farmer in Xinxu Town, reportedly spent a massive 15 million yuan ($2.3 million) over the last seven years constructing “Guangxi’s weirdest building”. He took permission from local authorities to make this building enhance tourism.

He designed the building himself, and he plans to turn it into a tourist attraction where local people can come to relax as well. Still, the building is only 60 percent complete. Funds are scarce as well. It will take more time than expected for it to finish.

The building being called the Peasant Art Building is becoming a tourist attraction.

The railing is done in a French style, some of the rooms have Chinese culture-inspired sculptures, while others have futuristic energy, comprising brightly colored neon lights and LED screens.

The photos and videos of the building have created a buzz among tourists to visit the place. Li Jiguang says peak numbers are hit during the Spring Festival when tens of thousands of people visit it in just one day.

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