The Nubrella Is A Redesigned Umbrella For Modern Times

The Nubrella – Redesigned to Meet Users’ Demands 7

Nubrella was introduced about 4 years ago as a wearable umbrella that didn’t require users to use hands. Over the course of these 4 years, it just transformed into something big and idiotic. That is why you probably have not seen anyone wear one in public. Nubrella’s designers have picked up the drift and came up with a new and improved design.The Nubrella – Redesigned to Meet Users’ Demands

As per the company, the umbrella was sold with success in more than 82 countries sporting the original model, however, over the course of time the company realized that people do not want an overprotective bubble. As explained by the company on the Indiegogo campaign page, “Overkill protection is the phrase that people used while complaining that this umbrella killed communication while impairing vision and also imparting a goofy look.”The Nubrella – Redesigned to Meet Users’ Demands 3 The Nubrella – Redesigned to Meet Users’ Demands 4 The Nubrella – Redesigned to Meet Users’ Demands 5

The new design aims to solve all these issues. Whether it has managed to pull that off or not, we leave it to the readers. Now let’s look at the changes that have been made. First off; the visor has been reduced and it ends at just above eye level. This could expose the users to a little bit of rain and snow, however, the fact that the users will have an open breathing space and no plastic covering in front of the head compensates for that. The new design extends a bit more, thus allowing users to make use of smartphones and other handheld items while ensuring that they remain dry.The Nubrella – Redesigned to Meet Users’ Demands 6 The Nubrella – Redesigned to Meet Users’ Demands 2

The deflector has been secured to the backpack-akin harness having a belt for waist and straps. The company has plans of introducing a version with detachable backpack as well. The deflector collapses behind the neck by pushing a button. This redesigned model is also capable of surviving winds with high speed. Reportedly, the company states that it can survive winds up to 40 mph. The company speculates that it will be useful to the construction folks, wheelchair users, photographers and any outdoor sports’ fanatics. The umbrella weighs 1.1 kg. As of now, it is raising funds via Indiegogo campaign with pledges starting from $49. The umbrella will be shipped worldwide in April 2015.

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